10 Must-Have Back to School Apps

16 August 2017
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16 August 2017, Comments: 0

The school year can seem hectic for both parents and kids. Since we are in the digital age, it only makes sense to turn to technology to help us remain calm, cool, and collected all year long. Here are ten apps to help parents stay organized and kids stay on top of their schoolwork.

Back to School Apps for Parents:

1. School A to Z
Is your child asking you for homework help? If they are, you might not always know the answer. Fret no more! This app will let you quickly reference subjects like English, Math, Spelling, and more!
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2. OverDrive Media Console
So your child just came home with their required books, and you know you will spend a hundred dollars on English books alone. Did you know that many of the required reads for your kids are available to borrow in e-book or audiobook format for free? This app will let you search and borrow from more than 30,000 libraries worldwide!
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3. TeamSnap
Is your child on a team? Life can seem pretty hectic with varying practice and game schedules. Keep it all straight with this app, and also keep a roster and contact info for other team members and parents.
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4. Life360 Family Locator
Does your child ride the bus? Does it make you uneasy when you don’t know where they are? Always keep track of your children by installing this app on you and your child’s cell phone.
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5. Lala Lunchbox (iTunes Store Only)
Packing lunches can be a hassle. Keep your kids full and make sure they’re getting all of the proper nutrients with Lala Lunchbox. This innovative app lets you schedule out lunches for the entire week. With a grid-like planning interface, you can quickly see how many servings of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks are in each lunch.
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Back to School Apps for Students:

1. Quizlet
A fun, quick way to make flashcards to help your student study for any subject. This app lets you customize your flashcards and sort through them in any way you wish. The best part? There are never stray flash cards floating around the house anymore!
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2. Toot
This app allows your student to interact face-to-face with a live tutor. Book a last minute session or schedule regular, recurring sessions. You even have the option to meet up in person with your tutor if your child prefers real-life interaction.
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3. myHomework Student Planner
The perfect place to write down any homework or studying that needs to be completed. With this app, you can organize by subject, due date, etc. No more lost homework assignments! Compatible with both phones and tablets.
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4. Ready4 SAT
The SATs are daunting, and the best way to prepare for them is by practice, practice, practice. With this app, your student can study on the go. Your student can access SAT practice questions anywhere that is convenient, at any time. Time is precious, and this app capitalizes on any free time that could be used to help increase those SAT scores.
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5. EasyBib
Writing research papers is hard enough, but when it comes time to write the bibliography, many students are lost. With so many citation formats, it can be easy to get them confused. This app will properly notate any citation in the selected format. All you have to do is insert the URL! No more fearing MLA, APA, or Chicago Style!
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