Creative Summer Activities to cool off the family

29 May 2014
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29 May 2014, Comments: 0

Summer is the optimal season for fun. Kids are off from school, vacations are planned, and family activities abound. If you’re looking for ways to keep everyone smiling and cool this summer, check out these summer recipes, games, and DIY summer activities!

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Cool Summer Treats

These easy summer recipes will give you a break from the heat!

Cherry Limeade

If you’ve ever ordered this treat from the well-known drive-up restaurant, you know it’s the perfect way to chill out this summer. Satisfy the Cherry Limeade craving with an easy at-home recipe. The recipes we found only require 4 ingredients or fewer!

My Insanity blog‘s recipe uses grenadine (scroll down the page to find it), and Squidoo‘s recipe features cherry juice. Check out the recipes and decide how you’ll concoct this summer classic! 

Capri Sun Slushy

If you find that your recipes often go awry, this one is for you! Did you know that the Capri Sun drinks can be frozen for an easy slushy treat? Just put the pouches in the freezer and cut off the top of the drink pouch once they reach the desired consistency! It can’t get much easier for a fabulous treat!

See the finished product on the girl. Inspired. blog.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Making your own ice cream in a bag is a way to good cool off and to learn a little about the science of making it! Plus, you can get the taste of homemade ice cream without the ice cream maker! All it takes are some zipper-locked plastic freezer bags, ice, rock salt, half & half, sugar, and vanilla extract. Once all the preparation is done, you’ll have to shake the bags to make the ice cream.

This activity can take up to 20 minutes to get ice cream at a good consistency, so try to make a game out of it. You can toss the bag to friends in a circle to take turns shaking, you can roll it, you can dance with it… whatever keeps you having fun and the bag shaking. Because it can take a while, be prepared if you’re trying this activity with small children: you may be the one who does most of the shaking!

Check out the recipe and the science behind it on the Steve Spangler Science website.

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Summer Family Activities

These summer activities and games are fun for the family to do together!

Splash and Score

For this game, players try to score by throwing water balloons into a bucket while their paired opponents try to block the score by busting the balloons with a baseball bat. Switch pitchers and batters after two turns and repeat to get the whole family soaked!

See all the materials and rules on the Spoonful blog.

Sponge Ball

If your family is a fan of water balloons and water wars, try this alternative! Make these balls from cut up pieces of sponge and launch a water-soaker that you can use again and again. Not only will this help your family water wars last longer, but you won’t have to pick up all the busted pieces of water balloons after the fun is done.

See the how-to on One Charming Party.

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For Young Kids

If you’re entertaining kids that are preschool- and kindergarten-aged this summer, try these fun activities!

Icy Fizzing Letters

With an alphabet ice cube tray, baking soda, Jell-O powder, and water, you can create icy letters that kids can stack and play with, as well as practice their spelling. Once kids are ready to destroy the letters, add some vinegar and watch the letters fizz and melt!

Get all the details on Fun-A-Day.

PVC Sprinkler House

This one takes a little more effort (and carpentry), but once this Sprinkler House is built, it can provide fun all summer. Using affordable PVC piping and waterproof material, this playhouse can be used by itself to provide shade from the sun; attach a hose, and the playhouse is transformed into a house full of cold-water spray. Kids will love running in and out of it on hot summer days!

Get the how-to instructions on Craft, Interrupted.

Summer Ice Jewelry

Freezer pop juice, thread, and an ice cube tray is all it takes to make a string of flavored ice. Kids can play with it, eat it, or try it on as jewelry with this simple DIY activity.

See all that can be done with this activity on Blog Me Mom.

DIY Water Exploration Station

A huge water exploration station is a great way for young children to cool off with sensory play. Make your own water station with toys you own and objects around the house like bowls, colanders, or funnels.

Need some inspiration? Visit the My Buddies and I blog for a great example!

DIY Water Wall

If the water station is too overwhelming, try a simple DIY water wall instead. There are a lot of great examples on Pinterest to choose from, and kids will have a blast seeing how water and ice fall through the different stations of the water wall.

Click here to see DIY Water Walls for kids on Pinterest.


We hope these summer activities will bring you lots of cool fun in the next few months!


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