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10 March 2016
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10 March 2016, Comments: 0

We all love our pets like they’re our children. They are our furry friends that love us unconditionally, that are happy to see us every time we get home and that are always there for us during good times and bad. Why not spoil your pets when you can? Here are 4 hot pet products that we thought would be fun for your best friend pet. Some are more suited toward a certain type of animal but some can be used for all. Check out these 4 fun items and love you pet back as much as they love you.

Neon Pawdicure Polish Pens


Neon Pawdicure Polish Pens are nail polishes for your pets. This might be a little silly, but painting animals nails are a very common thing and using human nail polish can be harmful to your pet and can make a big mess. Pawdicure polish is non-toxic and water based, so it is not harmful whatsoever to your pet. And the best part is, it dries in minutes, so it practically mess-free. Taking care of your pets nails are been made similar with Pawdicure.

For more information or to buy Neon Pawdicure Polish Pens, visit Amazon.



Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar


Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar is a simple and harmless way to control a dog that likes to talk too much. A barking dog can be very distracting and extremely bothersome to others, especially neighbors. With Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar, when your dog barks, the bark collar releases a burst of citronella spray that distracts your dog and interrupts your dog’s barking. The smell is non-offensive to humans but does the trick to get the dogs attention. This is a great alternative to those nasty bark collars that shock a dog when it barks. Teach your dog not to bark, a humane way, with the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar.

For more information or to buy the Gentle Spray Anti-Bark Collar, visit Amazon or Entirely Pets.



iFetch is the pet toy of the future, that is available now! iFetch is a machine that plays fetch, with your pet. Simply throw in some tennis balls into the machine, iFetch will launch the ball and your pet will fetch it. Now, what your pet needs to learn is to return it into the iFetch hole for the ball to be launched again. iFetch not only keeps your pet busy and gets them tired out, it teaches them the concept of retrieving and bringing back. It is a genius invention every dog owner should have.

For more information or to buy iFetch, visit Amazon.





DJ Cat Playhouse


Now here is a funny one; DJ Cat Playhouse is a scratching pad for your cat. But it doesn’t end there…It is in the shape of a turntable, complete with everything on a typical DJ turntable. Your cat will love to sit there and scratch away, rather than scratching up your nice couch or new carpet. While they are scratching, it is endless entertainment for anyone watching as it looks like the cat is mixing a beat. This funny scratchpad is great for any cat and also a fantastic gift.

For more information or to buy a DJ Car Playhouse, visit Amazon.








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