Importance of Home Inventory Checklist

27 November 2017
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27 November 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Importance of Home Inventory Checklist

A fire or home burglary that occurs can be devastating. During this difficult time, it is not only tough to remember your personal belongings you have accumulated over the years but emotional as well. Having a current inventory of your possessions, including photos, make, models and descriptions will help with the ease of settling your claim.

Here are some steps to facilitate the ease of setting up your checklist:

  1. Document possessions inside your home. The more detailed information of the item will facilitate the claim process. Include make, model, serial numbers, and description.
    Store inventory at a location off-site. Having off-site will safeguard from being lost, stolen or damaged during a fire. There are internet services available that let you upload and save information called cloud-based services.
  2. Take photos of each room which provides an overall description of the items at that location. Label important items with description and serial numbers. Make sure to include closets and any storage locations.
  3. Take video with recording to verbally give a description of items.
    Make note of valuable items such as jewelry, art, silverware or any collectibles. Keep in mind there are limitations on jewelry and some art, which it is recommended to schedule higher value items on the policy.
  4. Keep higher valued items that are not worn or used often in a safe deposit box or vault safe.
  5. Keep an inventory of any business assets. There are limitations on these items as well.
  6. Keep updated inventory and make any necessary changes needed.


If you have any questions or would like to review these items, please feel free to give our office a call.

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