10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

8 June 2015
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8 June 2015, Comments: Comments Off on 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

When it comes to leaving home to go on a trip, the phrase “Better safe than sorry” comes to mind. Taking precautions to help prevent dangerous or unwanted issues can’t hurt, so we have compiled a list of things to do (or not do) the next time you are traveling. It is National Safety Month and we want to be sure your home and your family are safe, so take a look at these tips before the next time you head out on vacation and leave your home unattended.


1. Lock up

This seems to be obvious, but it can be easy to forget when you have to a thousand other things to do! If you usually leave your window open for your cat or the doggie door open so Fido can go potty, now is the time to stop before heading out on vacation.

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2. Don’t post on social mediaSocial media

Although you may want to share that fantastic sunset photo you just took or that delicious meal you just devoured, you shouldn’t post your photos or statuses on social media until you are back from your trip. Announcing that you’re “traveling” or “out of town” may just be too much information for others, especially if your privacy settings are pretty public.


3. Consider hiring a house-sitter or pet-sitterDog with dog sitter

The best way to keep your home safe during a trip is to hire someone to stay at your home. They can make sure your plants are watered, pets are fed, and check on the overall safety of your home while you are away.


4. Ask for help

If you do not have someone who will be watching your home for the duration of your trip, it is a good idea to ask a relative, friend, or trusted neighbor to keep an eye out while you’re gone. That extra set of eyes on your property will not only help keep your property safe, but it also acts as a way to make you feel safer knowing someone is watching out for you.


5. Hold your mail

When you are going to be gone for more than a couple of days, call your post office and have them stop mail delivery until you get back. Post offices can hold mail for up to 30 days.

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6. Stop newspaper deliveryNewspapers

This is an easy detail to forget when getting ready to leave on your trip. A pile of newspapers on your doorstop or driveway is a red flag target for criminals eyeing a home.


7. Make it look like someone is home

This can be done in multiple ways. You could put on a timer for your lights to go on and off to create the illusion that you are home, or you could hook up your television to stay on so that it sounds like someone is inside watching.


8. Unplug all electronics

Disconnecting the power to some of your electronics like your coffee maker, and fans can not only help save you money while traveling, but it can also act as a safety precaution making sure nothing catches fire.


9. Web-based cameraSurveillance camera

Setting up cameras around your house can be a great idea and give you that peace of mind and can monitor your home more closely while you area away. There are ways to do it through your phone or computer.


10. Install added security features

Installing an alarm system in your home or exterior lights are good ways to add more safety to your home when you are traveling.

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