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15 September 2017
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15 September 2017, Comments: 0

With the increasing cost of commercial auto insurance, Mercury Insurance Group has recently implemented new product enrichments to their business auto program. Mercury offers all Industry standard coverages. However they also offer several enhancement options, along with new credits to help keep cost down.

Outlined below are a few additional credits Mercury can add to the commercial auto policy (effective November 2nd), as well as available enhancement packages:


New Commercial Driver License Discount : If any driver on the policy holds a commercial driver’s license the carrier will add a discount

New Telematics & Backup Sensor Discount : Any new cars with back up sensors inside the vehicle would qualify for an additional discount

Increased pay in full discount to 15% if you elect to pay the annual premium in full

New symbol rating for lighter trucks and private passenger vehicles

Enhancement Endorsements

Business Auto Broadening Endorsement, which includes:

Loan/Lease Gap Coverage

Glass repair deductible waiver

Accidental airbag deployment

New “Permanently Attached Non-Factory Equipment”

First $2,000 is free or “included”

Rental Reimbursement options for private passenger vehicles, light trucks and medium vehicles include:

$30, $40, $50, $70 or $100 per day rental reimbursement for up to 30 day max

Roadside Assistance

Provides up to $100 per occurrence

Our team at Hatter, Williams and Purdy Insurance can help business owners understand how these coverages can have a huge impact on their business operations, along with bringing peace of mind for an affordable price.

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