Valuable Personal Property Coverage for Homeowners

20 June 2017
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20 June 2017, Comments: 0

Homeowner’s Insurance policies include automatic coverage for personal property.  In order to determine if you have appropriate coverage for your contents or personal items, it is important to take inventory and keep records of your items.  Documentation such as photos of items or video recording of each room will help, should you have to file a claim.

A standard Homeowners Insurance policy includes coverage for jewelry, watches, silverware and gold.  These items are covered for losses caused by perils included in your Homeowners Insurance policy such as fire, windstorm, theft and vandalism. However, there are specific limits on these items that the insurance carrier will only pay up to the specified limit if the item is stolen.  For example: Jewelry generally has a limit of $1,500 per item.

Scheduling your valuable property is the ideal way to protect your valuable items. Some benefits include the following:

  • No deductible
  • Worldwide protection
  • Theft and mysterious disappearance
  • Speedy and painless claims settlement
  • Protects from financial loss of the item
  • Avoid a gap in coverage


Give our office a call to discuss the appropriate coverage options for your valuable items.



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