5 Tips to Pick Your Perfect Christmas Tree for Style and Safety

2 December 2015
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2 December 2015, Comments: Comments Off on 5 Tips to Pick Your Perfect Christmas Tree for Style and Safety

What’s better than walking into your home, with the fireplace going – hey in this chilly San Diego weather it could happen, cookies freshly out of the oven, hot chocolate ready to sip and the smell of a gorgeous, piney Christmas tree in your living room? The perfect Christmas tree is a must every holiday season. This Christmas, take these tips into consideration when picking out your perfect Christmas tree and also, consider some of our safety tips to have a fun filled, safe holiday.

Tip 1:


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Measure. Make sure you know what size tree that will appropriately fit in your home. Measure the height of the ceiling where you want to display your tree, taking into account the height of the tree stand and the height of the tree topper. You don’t want that ugly brown streak across your ceiling trying to squeeze a big tree into its small space. Next, measure the depth of the space where you want to place the tree. The diameter of a tree must be taken into account, so it’s not scrapping couches, tables, etc.

Tip 2:


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Have an appropriate tree stand for the height and width of the tree you choose. If you are upgrading to a bigger tree this year, make sure you have a stand big enough and heavy enough to hold up your massive tree. Using a stand that is too small or flimsy can result in the tree falling and knocking over nearby valuables, falling on someone or even catching fire if it is near an open flame or outlet. The perfect tree stand is key when it comes to Christmas tree safety.

Tip 3:


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Smell and touch your potential tree. Make sure the tree you pick is green and healthy. Getting a tree that is browning or unhealthy can be a dangerous decision when adding lights and other flammable things to it. A dry tree is much more likely to catch fire than a hydrated tree. When picking your tree, smell it. Take a few of the needles in your hand and sniff. If it doesn’t have a strong smell, that means it’s a bad one. You’ll know the right smell. Next, test the branches by grabbing a branch with your fingers and pull. If the needles come out, that means the tree is passed it’s prime.

Tip 4:


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Make a clean cut. Cutting off a few inches of the trunk is vital to the tree’s health and your safety. Cutting a bit off the bottom opens up the veins in the tree that delivers water to the branches, keeping it hydrated. Failure to do so can result in sap overage, covering the bottom of the tree’s trunk, cutting off most of the tree’s water supply. Keeping your tree hydrated is a priority in Christmas tree safety.

Tip 5:


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After you’ve picked your perfect tree, have it secured in its stand, in the perfect spot in your home, make sure you decorate it appropriately. If you have small children or pets, trim the lower branches to avoid eye injuries or scrapes. Also, hang hard, sharp or glass ornaments higher up on the tree, so they are not easily accessible to young children and pets. Nothing could be worse than if a child hurt themselves on a dangerous ornament or your dog got one in its month. Yikes! Also, make sure you turn off the Christmas tree lights when you head to bed. Make sure you keep an eye out on that tree, because no matter how hydrated it is, it’s still a hazard having electricals on a tree.

Lastly, enjoy your Christmas and enjoy your tree! Embrace the warm, holiday smell of a great tree in your home. From our home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

For more info on how to pick your perfect tree and tree safety, visit rd.com and thisoldhouse.com.

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