Agency Vs Online Insurance

17 June 2019
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Sure, shopping for insurance online is easy.  Sometimes, it’s nice to shut off from the outside world and do your thing hassle free in the cyber world.

However, with a product as complicated and diverse as insurance an agent can be your best asset. Especially when you can call and speak with a live professional, who can analyze your insurance needs.  They typically will do all the work for you, shopping hundreds of carriers in order to find you the best rate on coverage that suits your lifestyle.

An agent is highly motivated to do a good job for their clients.  They want you to keep your insurance year after year, so generally will try their absolute best to get you the coverage you need and for a good price right off the bat.

Although online shopping can be quick and easy, there are myriads of confusing online carriers and applications designed strictly to get customers in the door.  Many work on volume (quantity) and don’t focus on providing quality to their clients.  It can be all about rock bottom rates in exchange for products that are almost worthless (extremely low coverage, lots of exclusions, or don’t fit the clients needs).

Some online carriers are looking only for a certain demographic.  Imagine you spend time inputting all of your information and click submit, only to be taken to a screen that indicates you are not a candidate for their product.  Furthermore, did you read the fine print when inputting your information on their site?  Where does your information go?

Having the guidance of a professional is a value that can’t be overstated.  And with most agents there is no obligation to purchase anything.  They will assess your risk, shop carriers on your behalf for a policy that fits, and then provide you with an option or sometimes multiple options so you can make an educated choice.  From that point you can decide to pursue the coverage, or walk away.  But if you choose to do the latter, you are at least walking away more knowledgeable about what you need and what the approximate market value is for that product.

Some products are great to purchase online… but is insurance one of them?!

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