Commercial Inland Marine Coverage

15 October 2018
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15 October 2018, Comments: Comments Off on Commercial Inland Marine Coverage

Commercial insurance policies that include business personal property (BPP) provide coverage for certain types of equipment, tools, furniture, etc. while at the insured location. If the business equipment and materials frequently move to different locations (jobsites for example), the company will likely benefit from Inland Marine coverage. Examples of items that would fall in this category of coverage (while moving to different locations) would be computer equipment, fine arts on exhibition, property in transit or property of others left in your care.
When most people think of inland marine coverage, they think of contractor’s tools and equipment. However, inland marine can offer protection against a wide variety of risks including:

  • – Concession Equipment
  • – Catering Equipment
  • – Medical Equipment
  • – Golf Carts
  • – Mobile Amusement Equipment
  • – Recreational Property
  • – Entertainment Equipment
  • – And many others….


Any business that moves tools and equipment to different locations should consider Inland Marine Coverage. At HWP Insurance, we have several markets that can provide you with this coverage including blanket property limits available, coverage for leased/rented equipment and newly acquired equipment.
Our carriers are happy to quote this type of insurance on a standalone basis or it can be packaged with your other coverage items. For more information on Inland Marine protection, please feel free to call us today.

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