Do you plan on purchasing a new car?

30 January 2020
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30 January 2020, Comments: Comments Off on Do you plan on purchasing a new car?

Purchasing a vehicle can be a tedious process. There are several packages and upgrades to choose from which can make the car buying experience overwhelming. Typically, consumers assume all upgrades will be covered on their insurance policies, which is one misconception. Dealerships or consumers often add special features to the car after it arrives from the manufacturer. Such upgrades may include stereo systems, custom rims, leather seats, backup cameras and more.

When purchasing any new car, it is important to understand that features added to the vehicle, that are not from the factory, will not be automatically covered on an insurance policy. Be sure to always ask the dealer if they have added any equipment that you did not specifically request. Coverage for upgrades are available and can be added as an endorsement for an additional premium.

The latest upgrade, specifically with Tesla vehicles, is the addition of the self-driving package known as “Full Self Driving”. This software can be added with the vehicle when it is shipped to the dealer or can be purchased and activated by the consumer as an aftermarket upgrade. Notify your Insurance Agent if this upgrade occurs after the purchase date of the vehicle, as it would be considered non-factory equipment. This upgrade would also need to be endorsed specifically onto the policy to ensure these options are included in the valuation process after a claim.

Before you purchase a vehicle, it is a good idea to call your Agent to confirm the new vehicle will have adequate coverage, or contact your agent as soon as you install any non-factory equipment in the vehicle.  For additional information please contact our Carlsbad Auto Insurance Agent at 760-795-2002 or your Riverside Auto Insurance Agent #951-296-6833.

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