Earthquake Insurance...Are You Protected?

19 April 2010, Comments: Comments Off on Earthquake Insurance…Are You Protected?

San Diego Insurance.. Protecting your Asset against a Natural Disaster!
Your home may be one of the biggest investments you purchase in your lifetime, so why not protect that investment with adequate coverage! Your Homeowner’s policy typically covers fire, water, theft, etc, but did you know that loss due to an Earthquake is excluded? The number one cause of a total loss to a home is due to a fire, however with the increase in Earthquake’s throughout California the need for Earthquake Insurance may be on the rise. There have been numerous earthquakes within this year alone and only a small portion of homeowners carry Earthquake Insurance. Have you thought about what would happen if you lost your home due to an event not covered by your homeowners policy? Would you be able to recover financially?

The majority of Earthquake policies feature a 10% or 15% deductible. Once the damage to your home exceeds the deductible the carrier will pay to repair or rebuild the dwelling up to the policy limits. Earthquake premiums are based on certain factors, including ZIP code, year built, construction type, number of stories and the insured value of your home. The cost of Earthquake Insurance may be minimal compared to the cost of losing your entire home due to an Earthquake and not having adequate protection! Contact our office for additional information or for a quote.

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