7 October 2015
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7 October 2015, Comments: Comments Off on GET BACK TO THE BEACH THIS WEEKEND, SAN DIEGO

What seems like the last hot beach weekend Southern Californian’s will have for a while, 92 and pretty blue is what is reporting for North County weather this weekend. So put your work laptops, phones and tablets on hold and get back to the beach. Isn’t that why we all live in Southern California anyway?

Meteorologists predict 88 degrees and sunny on Friday. Saturday will heat up to over 92 degrees. And Sunday will drop to a brisk 87 degrees.

Your old favorite beaches are awaiting and will undoubtedly be packed for this scorching weekend of fun in the sun. Get back into your beach groove. But which beach should you go to?

Revisit your favorite family friendly beaches in Encinitas and Carlsbad.

Encinitas’ famous Moonlight Beach is the perfect beach destination for your family and kids. Moonlight Beach offers a newly renovated snack shack full of fun goodies from candy and ice cream, to pizza and hamburgers, and also healthier options like wraps and salads. Additionally, Moonlight now offers hourly surfboard, kayak and paddleboard rentals for even more fun. And don’t worry parents, remember, the newly renovated bathrooms with private stalls, changing areas and showers are available. Say goodbye to the old Moonlight. Moonlight has upgraded.

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Feelin’ like a more relaxing beach day? Go back to a more peaceful time…Your favorite, quieter beach, Leucadia’s Grandview Beach is a little hidden oasis you might have forgotten about. Located at the North end of Neptune Street, Grandview Beach allows for comfort and relaxation. Screaming kids and out-of-towners won’t be seen much at Grandview. Walk down the stairs lined with tropical palm trees, pick that perfect spot and kick back. Cute, quaint, a more private beach for the calmer weekend you.

Feelin’ crazy? Remember those old beach parties with all of your friends, loud music and good food? Carlsbad’s Ponto Beach will take you back to the 20-something you. Ponto boasts six sand volleyball courts, on a first come first serve basis. Don’t forget that cooler full of cold ones and break out your little Hibachi BBQ from the garage, because Ponto is one of the only North County beaches that allows you to BBQ and have your own little private fire pit in the sand. Make a visit to Ponto an all day party with beach fun and volleyball during the day, and a great BBQ with friends and family at night, like you used to.

Anywhere you go on the coast this weekend will be fantastic. Take advantage of it while you can before that rainy California Winter, that is fast approaching hits. And don’t forget your sunscreen, San Diego.

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