Shopping Apps To Help You Beat The Crowds!

25 November 2014
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25 November 2014, Comments: Comments Off on Shopping Apps To Help You Beat The Crowds!

Ahh, holiday shopping.

While a little madness tends to accompany the retail world this time of year, some very savvy web entrepreneurs have created apps to help you shop smarter, not harder. Read more about these holiday shopping apps that will help you get those highly discounted deals while still retaining all of your limbs (and most of your sanity!).


1. Slickdeals

apps for black Friday - slickdeals

What it is: A user-generated platform where consumers submit, vote, and comment on the accuracy of various deals across the nation, with the highest rated deals going to the apps’ frontpage. With 9 million users and counting, Slickdeals is one of the most trusted sources for accurate information regarding discounts at some of the nation’s largest retailers.

Shopping Benefits: Users receive ad scans, flyers, and door-busters before they hit publications, as well as notifications when certain deals are released. Users can also compare trending deals and, if the price is right, they can purchase the product/service directly from the app, without ever having to set foot in a store!




2. Chameleon

black Friday apps- chameleon

What it is: Probably the most genius shopping app ever created; one that should be available all year-round instead of solely on Black Friday. Chameleon tracks the physical location and inventory stock of items within major retail chains Best Buy, K-Mart, and Target, as well as providing info on which items are discounted.

Shopping Benefits: Users can add their preferred items to Chameleon’s virtual shopping cart in order to activate tracking. As we all know, knowing where an item is located within a store saves a considerable amount of time and frustration (mainly the latter), and knowing ahead of time that an item is out of stock, albeit frustrating, is not nearly as frustrating as watching the person standing right in front of you grab the last Tickle Me Elmo.




3. RetailMeNot

black friday apps

What it is: Unlike Chameleon’s adherence to a single day, RetailMeNot is all year round: an index of coupons at over 50,000 retailers, restaurants, and service offerings. Users are able to bookmark their favorite stores and related coupons, making sure not a single moment of frugality is ever missed.

Shopping Benefits: RetailMeNot has recently added a GPS mapping function wherein users are notified of hot deals happening within their particular vicinity. In other words, you can get there before the rest of the shoppers!





4. ParkWhiz

black friday apps

What it is: Although some might disagree with the morality of this app, whoever created it deserves a medal, or at least a truly sincere high-five. ParkWhiz enables users to reserve and pay in advance for other people’s parking spots that are not being used.

Shopping Benefits: It’s truly a win-win – the parking spot owner is able to make a few dollars, while the parking spot seeker will not have to drive aimlessly through level after level of narrow parking lanes, asking each person he passes, “Excuse me, are you leaving?” Genius, we tell you.




5. DealNews

black friday deals

What it is: A platform similar to SlickDeals wherein the ratings, opinions, and experiences of the user are responsible for the viability of the deal. With DealNews however, an expert panel of only 300 is used to assess each deals’ potency. Since no sponsorship is accepted by the app developers, the expert’s opinions are truly objective, and they certainly do their research – after analyzing thousands of deals daily, only the top 300 are chosen and shared with the app’s user.

Shopping Benefits: DealNews’ team of experts diligently scour the web for the very best deals, eliminating the need for users to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of deals that may or not be legitimate. And if physical travel isn’t possible on Black Friday, DealNews enables users to send deals to friends or family via social media, gently coercing them to wage retail war!





The holidays can be stressful to say the least. But at the end of the day, we’re all trying to do the same thing, and that’s show appreciation for our loved ones by obtaining gifts that normally would be financially impossible to obtain. Nothing says I love you like 50% off an XBOX 3!

Happy Holiday shopping everyone, and remember to stay safe!


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