How long can children stay on the family Auto Insurance Policy?

7 February 2011, Comments: Comments Off on How long can children stay on the family Auto Insurance Policy?

Do you have adult children who are still on the family’s Auto Insurance Policy?  In most cases, it is fine to keep your children on your policy.  However, we recommend that you discuss your specific situation with your agent in order to guarantee that your children still qualify to be on the policy. 

There are two things that determine whether your children need their own policy: if they are getting married or if they’re moving out on their own.  The registered owner of the vehicle will largely determine whether or not your child qualifies.  If the car is registered to your child, he or she may need to get an individual policy immediately.  If the car will stay registered in your name and you have legal liability to insure it, then you may be able to keep the vehicle on your policy. 

If your child purchases a new vehicle and registers it in his or her own name, you should make sure that vehicle qualifies as a “newly acquired vehicle” on your current auto policy.  We recommend that you do this before the car leaves the lot.  If your child is not the “Named Insured” on the policy and no longer lives in the Named Insured’s household, then he or she does not have automatic coverage on a new car, regardless of whose name is on the purchased vehicle.

If you have a child on your policy who has moved out or who is recently married, please call our office to talk to one of our agents.  We are here to make sure that the appropriate changes are made to your policy.

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