How to protect your business against Cyber attacks

18 July 2019
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18 July 2019, Comments: Comments Off on How to protect your business against Cyber attacks

As a business professional it is very important to review all risks related to your operations; especially if you have sensitive information that can be a target for hackers.  The most important aspect of Cyber Coverage is understanding what type of information can be at risk: credit card data, social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank information, and more.  They can all be compromised by a cyber-attack.

Cyber insurance can help protect, restore, and mitigate cyber-attacks including phishing scams, which are commonly the largest threat among businesses.  Additional coverage can help protect you from cyber extortion, business interruption, breaches (which are mainly driven by employees) and ransomware.

Below are some suggestions to help mitigate cyber risk.  However, having a cyber policy in place can assure added protection in the event an attack occurs:


  • Delete suspicious e-mails
  • Do Not open e-mails from unknown senders
  • Do Not click on suspicious links in e-mails
  • Do Not disclose any personal information

Weak Passwords

  • Combine letters, numbers and special characters
  • Do Not use personal information
  • Do Not use common phrases or words
  • Change password often
  • Do Not use the same password for all your accounts

The above suggestions can reduce the odds of a breach, but nothing is a guarantee.  By implementing a cyber policy, you can recover financial losses and burdens related to scenarios in which sensitive data is lost, damaged or stolen.  The loss of this data can interrupt daily business operations, be very costly, and create a large hassle.

If you are interested in obtaining a Cyber Quote, we have several carriers that specialize in this important coverage.

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