Mitigating Home Water Damage

29 March 2019
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29 March 2019, Comments: 0

Water damage is the most frequently filed homeowners claim.  It can be extremely costly and burdensome to deal with, and potentially take months to repair.  Fortunately most water losses can be avoidable with preventative measures using advanced technology with water detection devices, as well as shutoff technology.

Homeowners carriers are now offering a discount on the home policy if you have a device installed that shuts off the main water valve or reports the leak to a third party. If you have a device already installed or plan to install a system contact our Carlsbad or Temecula office to discuss possible savings on your homeowners policy.

Below is a list of devices to consider, when taking additional steps to prevent water damage*:

  • Apartment dwellers and condo owners – Fibaro Flood Sensor ($27)
  • Single-family home renters and price-sensitive customers– Streamlabs™ SmartHome Water Monitor ($199)
  • Single-family home owners or affluent customers – Flo by Moen water mitigation device ($499)



Leak Detection Method Automatic Shutoff Smartphone Support Independent Monitoring Plumber Installed
Eddy IQ+Umbrella Flow and wireless sensors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Flologic Flow and wireless sensors Yes No No Yes
WaterCop Wireless sensors Yes Yes No Yes
Roger Smarthome Wireless sensors No Yes Yes No
Flo-n-Stop Wireless sensors Yes Yes No No
Floodmaster RS-360 Wireless sensors Yes Yes Yes No
ADT Flood Alarm Wireless sensors No No Yes No
Aquatrip Flow Yes No No Yes
Inflotroflix NOWA Wireless sensors Yes No No No
H20 SOS Wireless sensors Yes No No No
Hydrocom Flow and wireless sensors Yes Yes No Yes
Leak Defense System Flow and wireless sensors Yes No ? Both
Floodfighter Flow Yes No No Yes
ValveSentry Sensors Yes ? ? No
Valve Screamer Sensors Yes ? ? ?
Fortrezz Sensors Yes Yes ? Yes
Water Hero Yes Yes Yes ? Yes
Samsung Sensors No Yes No No

* these are not endorsed by HWP and are simply examples of products that can possibly mitigate water damage.

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