Commercial Property Insurance

Project Description:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

HWP was referred a potential client from a commercial real estate broker.

The Need:

The initial request was premises liability coverage, to satisfy the terms of the lease agreement.  The client had coverage in place, but wanted to be sure the coverage satisfied the insurance requirements of the landlord.

The Solution:

After reviewing the lease with the client and the real estate broker, we discovered there were several areas that had not been addressed by the current policy, that left the client potentially exposed to a sizable insurance related loss.   Additionally, when we discussed the clients business related insurance needs and exposures,  we discovered several gaps in coverage there, also.

Ultimately, we were able to fill the coverage gaps for the client, and reduce premium dollars.

At HWP  we take the time to analyze the individual risk.  We tailor coverage to meet the specific needs of the client.  Also, because we are Independent Agents we are not limited to a single insurance carrier, and are able to shop multiple markets to find the best fit for coverage and cost.


Insurance Agent – Scott P.