The Importance of Customer Service

22 September 2015
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22 September 2015, Comments: Comments Off on The Importance of Customer Service

Every day, we experience good and bad customer service. Good service leaves you wanting to go back for more and bad service is usually reciprocated with not returning to that establishment, or having to speak with a manager about your bad experience.  

At Hatter Williams & Purdy Insurance, we want our clients to come back for more and to refer their friends, co-workers and family members, not just because of the wide variety of products we offer, but because of our excellent service.  


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Customer service is key

From my experience with being in the insurance industry for over 15 years, I have come to realize that customer service is key. With so many insurance agents in our general vicinity and those agents selling aGood customer service lot of the same products we have to offer, we have always felt that our service separates us from those other agents.

At HWP Insurance, we have always prided ourselves on customer service; this includes contacting clients in a timely matter, solving any issues or complaints with sensitivity and diligence and being understanding with every unique situation we are faced with on a daily basis. In this field, it is very important for our clients to trust us, so with that we educate them about the products they are buying and help them tailor their policies to their own individual needs. We want them to feel comfortable and confident in what they are buying. Encompassing great communication skills can be crucial as there are questions you will have for your client and they will have for us, this will surely show that you care and want to offer the right solution for  them.


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Providing quality service

To provide quality service we always take the time to listen to our clients and give them our undivided attention. It is important to feel confident and work well under pressure. Maintaining your composure and being patient can be beneficial while working under pressure, as you try to calmly discuss options or solve issues for that client.  HWP Insurance

At HWP, we always go the extra mile for our clients and try to do more than what is expected by them with a great return for us in that our client will remain loyal. This process begins with the first contact the client has with our agency. We try to be very diligent in checking in with them on a regular basis and always try to put ourselves in their shoes.  

The importance of customer service may be losing validity, but the bottom line is that good customer service leaves a permanent impression on a potential and existing client. I am happy to say that we have had most of our clients for several years, and truth be told most of them have been loyal clients because of the great service we offer.


Good customer service translates to repeat business and all of us here at Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance do it with smiles on our faces every day. 


Sarah Field

 Written by Sarah Field

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