21 October 2019
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21 October 2019, Comments: 0

Your employee comes into your office and mentions that he stepped down off of the loading dock a few hours before.  His leg is now feeling worse and he is reporting the situation to you, his employer.  What do you do?

Several insurance companies including Employers Compensation Insurance Company, offer Injured Employee Hotlines.  This is a service available to injured or ill workers who have not yet received medical treatment.  The hotline is staffed by nurses that are fluent in both English and Spanish who are able to speak with the employee and provide initial medical guidance over the phone.  You as the employer can be included in the phone call with the employee if that is the employee’s preference.    This initial call can reduce unnecessary medical and emergency room visits, help with potential fraud issues and reduce paperwork.

If an employee does have a medical emergency, calling 911 is imperative but if there is a non- emergency, calling the injured employee hotline can be a viable alternative.  For more information on claims management options with our various workers compensation insurance companies, please call  Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance and we would be glad to discuss.

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