Workers' Compensation Insurance in San Diego



Your employees are one of the most important components of your business.  In addition to complying with workers’ compensation laws, coverage can help rehabilitate sick or injured employees and protect your business against legal liability for injury to your employees.

Workers Compensation Insurance provides two coverage parts for exposures of the employer.  First is the exposure by an injury clearly arising as part of the employees work and subject to workers’ compensation laws.  Second is the Employers Liability exposure that is exempt from workers’ compensation laws.  This could be a legal responsibility to someone other than the employee such as a spouse or other family member.

Workers’ Compensation loss experience has a direct effect on the premiums charged, especially for those employers with an Experience Modification Rating from the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau.

It is important to have a good Loss Control Program to help keep loss costs and premiums under control.  Hatter, Williams & Purdy Insurance in partnership with our workers’ compensation carriers can help you design a program that promotes a safe work environment and returns employees to work quickly.

Contact us or click here to fill out a questionnaire for us to review your workers’ compensation exposure and let us use our expertise to help you tailor a Workers’ Compensation Policy that fits your needs.

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